Whether driven by the motivation to comply with federal or local laws, a concern for workplace safety, or an interest in helping your employees whose problems are impairing their work and productivity……..We can help!

Supervisory/employee training will meet and exceed Federal & Local Drug Testing Training Requirements and prepare your staff for top performance.

Even though all employees are directed to read your company’s drug free workplace policy, few read it thoroughly and even fewer retain what they’ve read. We can help reinforce your DOT drug free workplace initiative by clearly explaining prohibited behaviors while educating your employees about the drug and alcohol testing process and the safeguards built into the collection, lab analysis and medical review processes.

Management personnel play an integral role in the assessment of employee performance. They have close routine contact with employees and thus, are in an excellent position to monitor individual behavior and job performance. It is, therefore, the manager or supervisor who has the first chance to detect evidence of personal problems. It is well recognized that an employee’s unresolved personal problems can have a profound effect on job performance. A troubled person is far more likely to misuse sick leave, have an accident, or make an unwise job-related decision.

Trainings Available

  • Supervisor Training -DOT/Non DOT
  • Employee Awareness - DOT/Non DOT