Student Testing

Melody’s Southwest Consortium tests approximately 15,000 students per year. Our courteous and experienced staff handles inquiries, ensures accuracy and compliance, and expedites the completion of reports in order to provide superior client service.

On-Site Testing

  • We perform on-site testing using the highest integrity precautions. Our teams of certified technicians are able to oversee notification, testing protocol, and reduce the attempts of specimen adulteration.
Certified Technology
  • Southwest Consortium uses certified programs for the randomization process.
Prompt Results
  • Negative test results are reported within 24 hours. Positive results are reported usually within 48-72 hours.
Assured Positive Results Protocol
  • Our laboratory performs GC/MS confirmation testing on all specimens that screen positive.
Customized Testing
  • We customize our testing to meet the District’s requirements, including the method of collecting, sample types, and the panel of drugs being tested for.
Variety of Tests
  • We perform numerous types of testing, including initial baseline, random, reasonable suspicion, return to activity, and follow up testing (as dictated by the District).
All-inclusive Testing
  • All forms and supplies will be provided.